An Intro – Part 10

And now we arrive at the conclusion of this ‘intro series’. Reflecting on the 10 year journey towards the Dharma – beginning with a dream that led to establishing contact with two unique lineages (Jonang and Gelug), several excellent teachers and receiving two Vajrayana empowerments which have benefited my practice beyond calculation – my overall response is sheer gratitude and humility. The best way I know to honor my precious teachers is to keep up with my practice and to continue to cultivate a deeper connection to the teachings for the benefit of all beings.

At present my karma has ripened to receive teachings from Khenpo Choejor Gyamtso on Jetsun Taranatha’s Lamrim, called ‘Essence of Ambrosia’. Khenpo is a wonderful teacher, very kind, very knowledgeable and with a great sense of humor. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to learn from him. I am also thankful to all the members of Dorje Ling that help keep the center afloat. The Jonangpas are a rare and special lineage, a lineage I have come to embrace as my spiritual home.

Khenpo Choejor Gyamtso

Khenpo Choejor Gyamtso


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