Seven Branch Prayer



[The following is a version of the Seven Branch Prayer from the Aspiration of Samantabhadra. This is an English translation of one of the versions that is used in the Jonangpa center I am affiliated with. Any errors are mine.]


[Recite three times]

However many Buddhas there are in the ten directions of the Universe,

All the Tathagatas of the three times, lions among men [and women],

To all of them without exception,

I pay homage with body speech and mind.

Through the strength of this aspiration prayer for excellent conduct which I now make,

By directly perceiving all Buddhas within my mind,

With bodies as numerous as atoms in the Universe,

I bow down to all the Conquerors.

Upon each atom are many Buddhas

Who reside amidst the Buddha’s sons [and daughters]

Therefore, all the Dharmadhatu without exception

I ardently regard as filled with precious Buddhas.

I praise all of them as an inexhaustible ocean.

In addition, all of the sounds of this praise are as a melodious ocean,

Expressing the qualities of all the Buddhas,

I praise all of the Tathagatas!

Sacred flowers, sacred garlands and

All musical instruments, perfumes, the supreme parasol,

Superior lamps and superior incense

I offer to the Buddhas.

All sacred garments and supreme fragrances,

Piled barley meal equal to Mount Meru,

All specifically exalted, supreme and perfectly arranged offerings

I offer to the Buddhas.

All offerings, unsurpassed and extremely vast,

I offer with fervent regard to all the Buddhas.

Through the strength of my confidence in this prayer

I prostrate and make offerings to all the Conquerors.

Under the influence of attachment, aversion and ignorance,

Through body, speech and mind,

Whatever negativity I have accrued,

I individually confess it all.

All the Conquerors of the ten directions and their sons [and daughters],

Pratyekabuddhas, those on the path of training,

And those on the path of no more training,

Whatever merit all sentient beings have accumulated,

I personally rejoice in it all!

Whoever illumines the ten directions of this world,

Those who ascend the stages of the Bodhisattva Path,

Without attachment to Buddhahood,

All of the Protectors,

I entreat to turn the unsurpassed Wheel of Dharma.

To whoever can reveal the place beyond sorrow

For the purpose of bringing benefit and bliss to all sentient beings,

I ask you to remain for as many aeons as there are atoms.

Joining my palms together in prayer,

By prostration, offering and confession,

Rejoicing, entreating and supplication,

Whatever little merit I have managed to accumulate

I dedicate to the purpose of enlightenment for all beings!

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