Cleaning – Externally and Internally

Spring Cleaning

It’s time to thoroughly clean my living space! There is a lot of inertia preventing me from doing this right now, so I have decided to transform the experience into an active form of meditation. As I wipe away the dust and grime I imagine I am cleaning the obscurations that cover the radiant clear light mind. As I rearrange the furniture I imagine I am ordering all the parts of my life that are in disarray. As I sweep, vacuum, and mop the floor I imagine I am preparing a sure foundation to stabilize my practice. As I wash the dishes I imagine I am ridding myself of the three poisons (ignorance, attachment, and aversion). At the end of the day I will have a clean and ordered space, and others who come to visit might feel more at peace here. I dedicate any merit accumulated through this practice to the benefit of all beings. #DharmaInEverydayLife

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