Resuming Posting…

After about a year of not posting to this blog I am now back and intend on posting semi-regularly again. My blogging (here, at least) was diminished, yet my Dharma practice has continued (which is the important part, I think).

After the teachings on Taranatha’s Lamrim, I also received teachings on Kalachakra. I won’t repeat the details of the latter since they are tantra level teachings, but I will say that they have really opened up the preliminary practices for me. I have also attended teachings (one session of a 4 part session) on Guru Yoga. My gratitude to Khenpo Choejor Gyamtso for his wisdom and kindness in sharing the Dharma to his students.

I have also recently been invited to attend a practice group that has formed at another center. There was one session already, which I missed, yet one friend shared her notes, and another friend called me to fill me in as best he could. I will be attending my first session in two days.

I plan on continuing the Lamrim series of posts on Vajra Vehicle. The next article in that series will be on “Contemplation 2 – The Difficulty of Obtaining a Precious Human Life with its Freedoms and Endowments”. I will also be making additional posts now and again, not specifically related to any series. These are all assigned the “Miscellaneous” Category (for those who use the Category links to order posts when reading content on Vajra Vehicle).

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