Children of the Victorious One

Arya Maitreya

Arya Maitreya

“Those whose seed is devotion towards the supreme vehicle,
whose mother is analytical wisdom generating the buddha qualities, whose abode is the blissful womb of meditative stability, and whose nurse is compassion, are heirs born to succeed the Muni.”

[From Buddha Nature – The Mahayana Uttaratantra Shastra by Arya Maitreya]

Accessing the Grounds through Application


Accessing the grounds through application
Should be known to involve four points:
Through the full application of interest
One accesses the grounds of inspired conduct,
The phase of ascertainment;
Through the full application of discerning realization
One accesses the first ground,
The phase of contact;
Through the full application by means of cultivation
One accesses the six impure grounds
And the three pure grounds,
The phase of recollection;
Through application of perfection
One accesses the spontaneous accomplishment
Of uninterrupted buddha activity.
Therefore, this is the phase of
“Arriving at the identity of that.”

[From Distinguishing Phenomena from Their Intrinsic Nature by Ārya Maitreya]